The number and type of EMS responses are ever changing in scope and complexity. The highly technical and complex nature of the EMS response to hazardous materials release and technical rescue events presents several challenges.


The challenges associated with these responses require the responder involved to receive additional training, specialized equipment and expanded treatment protocols.


To provide prompt response in these unconventional EMS calls, Breck Central EMS has developed a special team to augment their capabilities.

Each team member has received extensive training in MCI, HazMat, Technical Rescue along with advanced ICS classes. Led by Sgt. Mick Wallace, NRP, the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) is available locally, regionally or nationally to support EMAC requests or Disaster and MCI Response. The BCEMS SORT Division is a FEMA typed unit that has in place Mission Ready Packages  for use by the Kentucky Board of EMS.

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